Vagon Cloud Gaming – Everything you need to know (In just 5 minutes)

Here’s everything you need to know about Vagon Cloud Gaming.

Vagon Cloud Gaming

If you are looking for a rundown on Vagon Cloud Gaming, what it is, and how it works then you have come to the right place. Vagon is a cloud computing service that provides high-end machine tiers to rent using AWS servers and allows us to game on maximum settings on these cloud machines, the only requirement of Vagon Cloud Gaming is a high-speed internet connection, so make sure to have a high-speed internet connection to get the maximum performance. It is a great service to play any game without caring about hardware specifications.

If you want to know more, read below our helpful rundown on Vagon Cloud Gaming including- how it all works, how much it costs, how to set up it, and much more.

What is Vagon?


Vagon is basically a cloud computing service that provides cloud-based remote computer solutions for individuals, businesses, and enterprises sized companies on any device. Vagon comes with many useful features including- switching performance, synchronizing data between devices, pre-installed apps, and in the future providing the support to use graphic tablets and collaborations as well.

Vagon uses AWS(AmazonWeb Services) for providing high-end Pc rental services for multiple usages. These machines support GPU up to RTX 3080 and also provide a ping test to check which machine tiers will be best for you to get the minimum latency.

How does Vagon Cloud Gaming work?


Vagon Cloud Gaming is one of the services of Vagon Cloud Computing, for cloud gaming they offer an AWS planet tier, which is the lowest tier on AWS having 16GB ram and an NVidia Tesla T4 with 75 GB ram, feel free to upgrade your machine as it will cost you more money.

On this device, you can play pitty much any high-end game like Call of duty or cyberpunk on maximum settings, with the minimum latency possible. You can use their native software to access the cloud Pc or you can access it through parsec on multiple devices.

How to get started with Vagon Cloud Gaming?


To get started with Vagon Cloud Gaming, sign up on Vagon. Once you finished creating your account, a dashboard will open, where you can create your machine. Vagon supports many locations including- Oregon, California, Mumbai, Singapore, and many more. location matters a lot as it plays a big part in determining how much latency you are gonna get while playing the game. To test this you can run their “Connection Test” to see how much latency you are going to get, anywhere less than 30ms is good enough.

When you created the machine you have the option to select which app you want to be pre-installed on your machine, these apps include Blender, Adobe video production app, Divixhi Resolve, and many others. But don’t install them as we have a very limited storage of 75GB(which can be upgraded, costing more money).

How to set up Vagon Cloud Gaming?

Once you finish creating a machine on Vagon, you can run the machine on their official software or through Parsec.

It is recommended that especially for cloud gaming, to launch the machine on Parsec. parsec is more stable and you can access the machine on your mobile devices as well using Parsec.

  • Sign up on Parsce
  • Download Parsce on the virtual machine.
  • Sign in to Parsce on the virtual machine.
  • Verify the machine through email.
  • Sign in again to Parsce on the virtual machine, and launch the machine.

Check the video down below for a step-by-step guide on setting up Vagon- a virtual machine.

(Credit: Cloud Gaming Battle)

How much Does Vagon Cloud Gaming Cost?


Like many other cloud computing services like Airgpu, Paperspace, and Shadow, Vagon machines also charge on an hourly basis.

Vagon has monthly fees to store your machine on the cloud of $7.99 a month providing 75 GB of free storage and free Windows OS. To get credits on Vagon you will need to have a balance in your Vagon account by paying through your credit card and your credits are spent depending on how much you play.

How to play games on Vagon Cloud Gaming

Once your machine gets started, you can download the games that you own from your Steam, Epic Games, and Ubisoft accounts. Don’t worry Vagon provides a very high-speed internet connection on which you can download heavy games in just a few minutes as it uses the AWS servers. Keep in mind to shut down your machine after using it as will spend all of your credits.

Here’s a video by Cloud Gaming Battles, playing Call Of Duty on Vagon Cloud Gaming:

Modern Warfare gameplay on ‘Vagon’.

If you are interested in learning more about cloud gaming services like Vagon you can visit our official site, so you can see what’s on the horizon for Cloud Gaming with our pick of the most exciting upcoming Cloud Gaming services for you.


Can you use vagon for gaming?

Yes, Vagon can also be used for cloud gaming, as it allows us to rent high-end virtual machines supporting RTX GPU.

Does vagon cost money?

Like any other cloud computing service Vagon also charges multiple tiers on an hourly basis and the cost increase on upgrading the machine.

Is vagon free?

No, Vagon is not free and doesn’t offer any free trial as well.

How do you use vagon?

You can use Vagon virtual machines through their official software or through Parsec.

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