TensorDock Cloud Gaming: Everything you need to know (In just 5 minutes)

TensorDock is a Cloud GPU rental service for machine learning, rendering, and cloud gaming. Here’s everything you need to know about TensorDock Cloud Gaming.


If you’re looking for a complete rundown on the cloud gaming aspect of TensorDock, then you have come to the right place. TensorDock cloud gaming allows users to deploy virtual machine serves with high-end configurations, powerful enough to run every game on maximum settings. TensorDock is one of the most affordable and reliable cloud gaming services in the market.

Read on below if you want to learn about TensorDock in general and particularly about TensorDock Cloud Gaming.

What is TensorDock?

TensorDock is a Cloud GPU VMs rental service developed by a passionate team of young engineers for machine learning, rendering, and cloud gaming. TensorDock offers 70 to 90% cheaper, more secure, and more reliable GPU VMs. TensorDock has the goal to equalize access to high-end hardware. TensorDock allows users to deploy servers with as many GPUs, VRAM, VCPU, and storage as they want. TensorDock costs on an hourly basis and also offers monthly subscriptions. TensorDock also provides cloud GPU solutions for sole, developers, startups, and enterprises to handle their workloads more efficiently. TensorDock has partnered up with companies like NVidia and Digital Ocean and its API and GPU services are used by many famous companies in the world.


How does TensorDock Cloud Gaming work?


TensorDock is a Cloud GPU VMs rental service that can be also for cloud gaming. TensorDock has a complete section of GPU, especially to fulfill users’ cloud gaming needs. This GPU list starts from an RTX A4000 to RTX A6000. TensorDock gives users the flexibility to choose how many GPUs (Ranging from 1-8), RAM (From 2-366), VCPU (From 1-94), and storage from 20GB to 10TB. You can select the operating system you want whether it’s Linux or Windows OS. Once the machine is deployed, create payment and your machine will be ready to use.

You can pay on an hourly and monthly basis as well. Depending on your running and stooping costs. Once your Pc is ready to use, you can download games that you own from your Steam, Epic Games, or Ubisoft accounts and play them on maximum settings.

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How Much TensorDock Cloud Gaming Cost?


TensorDock Cloud Gaming is 70% to 90% cheaper than other cloud gaming services like Shrine, Shadow, Paperspace, and Vagon. Their GPU hourly cost is much lower and you can build a fully-fledged virtual machine at a very low price.

If we look at the prices of GPUs, the lowest GPU which is RTX 4000 costs $0.27/hour, and the top GPU costs $1.47/hour. While deploying a server RAM, CPU, and Storage are additional costs, as you go for higher configuration the prices will increases accordingly.

Cost of the Mediocre machine:

If we deploy a machine with medium-level configurations like RTX 4000, 8GB RAM, 4vCPUs, 20GB RAM, and Windows 10 OS. It costs $0.3520/hour (While the machine is running) and $0.0020/hour (While the machine is stopped).

Cost of High-End machine:

If we deploy a machine with high-end configurations like an RTX A6000 (with 4 GPU assigned), 16GB RAM, 12vCPUs, 1 TB storage, and Windows 10 OS. This costs $5.9400/hour (While the machine is running) and $0.1000/hr (While the machine is stopped).

How to set up TensorDock Cloud Gaming?

TensorDock Cloud Gaming, instead of providing an access to their gaming library, provide an access to a fully-fledged virtual machine, which you can use for cloud gaming and other tasks as well.

To set up TensorDock, you will need an app called Parsec. Here are a few handfuls of steps you need to follow in order to get started with your TensorDock machine:

Step 1: Download Parsec on your Pc.

Step 2. Create an account on Parsec.

Step 3: Open Windows Remote Desktop and enter the credentials.

Step 4. Download Parsec on your Virtual Machine.

Step 5: Log in with your Parsec account.

Step 6: Confirm your identity and you will get access to your full-fledged machine.

Once you got access to your machine, use it and after you did, remember to turn off the machine as the machine will start costing extra.

What games are available on TensorDock Cloud Gaming?

As we mentioned, Tensordock instead of giving access to their gaming library gives access to a fully-fledged virtual machine. This means you can play any you want whether it is Call Of Duty or CyberPunk or Fortnite.

Make sure to select the closest region to you, while deploying the machine so you can get the minimum possible latency while cloud gaming.

Sign up on TensorDock Cloud Gaming now.

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