Shrine Cloud Gaming: Everything you need to know (In just 5 minutes)

Shrine is a cloud gaming platform that allows users to stream the games that they own on their fully flagged hardware. Here’s everything you need to know about cloud gaming service- shrine.


If you are looking for a complete review of the cloud gaming service- shrine, you have come to the right place. Shrine is one of those cloud gaming platforms that gives you access to full-fledged high-end hardware instead of giving only access to their games library. which means you can play whatever game you want, as long as you own that game. This post is a helpful rundown on, everything you need to know about Shrine cloud gaming.

What is Shrine Cloud Gaming?


Shrine is a brand new cloud gaming service that allows users to stream the games that own in their Steam, Epic Games, or Ubisoft accounts on their high-end cloud Pcs. Shrine has made cloud gaming much simpler and much more affordable, providing fully-fledged hardware supporting up to RTX-3090 and streaming quality up to 4K 60fps. The only requirement for shrine cloud gaming is a high-speed internet connection, they recommend 15-20 Mbps to get the lowest possible latency while gaming.

How does Shrine Cloud Gaming work?

Shrine is a cloud gaming service that allows users to play the games that they own on their cloud-based high-end Pcs. The way shrine cloud gaming works is quite similar to other cloud gaming services like AirGPU, Shadow, and Paperspace. Where you have to buy credits and rent hardware on an hourly basis depending on your requirement and budget. Once your machine is set up, you’ll get access to a high-end Pc where you can download the games that you own or software that you wanna run.

Shrine provides you complete flexibility to rent hardware according to your requirements, which can be upgraded anytime, which will cost you accordingly.

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How much does Shrine Cloud Gaming Cost?

Shrine is a cloud gaming platform that instead of giving you access to its gaming library, gives users access to a fully-fledged cloud Pc. Shrine currently has three Pc tiers to rent

1. GTX 1080 ( 4 CPU | 16 GB RAM | NVidia Tesla T4) which costs $1.15/hour.

2. GTX 1080+ (8 CPU | 32 GB RAM | NVIDIA Tesla T4) which costs $1.80/hour.

3. RTX 3080 (8 CPU | 32 GB RAM | NVIDIA A10G) which costs $2.40/hour.

You can change storage from 100GB to 1TB, which will of course cost you more.

Note: You can only create a machine on Shrine, only when you have 5 credits in your wallet.

Payment Methods: Google pay or a credit card.

Which Countries are supported by Shrine?

Initially, when Shrine was launched in February 2022, it was only available in the US. but now Shrine cloud gaming supports many regions. Here’s a list of regions supported by Shrine:


Las Vegas
New York


São Paulo






Hong kong


Cape Town

How to set up Shrine?


First things first create an account on Shrine and choose the tier you want. Then after you complete this process, you can set up your machine either through their official software for Windows and macOS or you can set up the machine through Parsec or moonlight.

Set up Shrine using their official software:

To set up a shrine through their official app follow a few handfuls of steps:

  1. Download the app
  2. Install the app
  3. Login with your account (on which you have purchased the machine)
  4. Simply click on “Start”

Your machine will start instantly.

If you face a white screen error, then simply disconnect the Pc by pressing CTRL + Shift + Q and connect again.

Set up Shrine using Parsec:

To setup Shrine with Parsec, follow these steps:

  1. Download the Parsec app on your Pc
  2. Create an account on Parsec
  3. Launch your Shrine through the app
  4. Download Parsec on your Shrine machine
  5. Log in with your Parsec account
  6. Verify your account through email
  7. Exit your shrine machine by pressing CTRL+SHIFT+Q
  8. Open parsec and connect with your Shrine machine.

How to play games on Shrine?

As we mentioned above, Shrine instead of giving access to its gaming library gives access to a fully-fledged cloud Pc, which means you can do anything with this PC. In order to play games on Shrine, simply download Steam, Epic Games, or Ubisoft apps log in with your accounts on which you own the game, and download it (the download won’t take much time (as they provide very high-speed internet on their servers)

You steam games at 4K 60fps at maximum settings.

Final Words

Shrine cloud gaming can prove the best for you only if you are in their support region and have the best internet connection. The cool thing about Shrine is, you can play games on their cloud Pc, and not only that you can do other tasks as well like you can record your gameplay and edit them on the same high-end. If you face any problem while setting up Shrine or while playing games on Shrine, feel free to join their official discord server as they have a very supportive discord community.


Is Shrine Free?

No shrine is not free and doesn’t offer any free trial.

Is Shrine good for cloud gaming?

Yes, shrine is best for cloud gaming as it provides hardware having RTX-3090 GPU that supporting gameplay at 4K 60fps.

What GPU does Shrine use?

Shrine has three main teirs in which first two has a NVidia Tesla T4 and and third one has NVidia A10G

Is Shrine safe?

Yes shrine is 100% safe and it is their top priority to secures your payment details and the data you transfer or receive on their machines is end-to-end encrypted

what is the alternative to Shrine

AirGPU and shadow can prove a good alternative for shrine.

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