5 Pros and Cons of Cloud Gaming

Cloud Gaming allows us to play any high-end Pc or console on any device, anywhere in the world without downloading or installing anything. This post mainly introduces the 5 Pros and Cons of Cloud Gaming. To learn more about Cloud Gaming visit Beingmadgamer official site.

What is Cloud Gaming

Before discussing the pros and cons, let’s talk about, What is cloud gaming?

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Cloud Gaming is basically a service that allows you to play high-end AAA games on pitty much any device, irrespective of the hardware you have on your end. Back in the days when a new game was released, almost every passionate gamer struggled with the limitations of their hardware specifications and could not run those high-end games on their low-end pc, and they dream that one day they would enjoy their favorite high-end games without any hardware limitations. But now in 2022, thanks to Cloud Gaming technology, the dream has become a reality. Now everyone can enjoy their favorite high-end games on low-end hardware.

In Cloud Gaming, Games are actually running on servers and controlled remotely by you from your Pc and mobile. The cool thing about Cloud Gaming is, that you don’t need to care about the hardware you have on your end, the only thing you need is a good internet connection.

Major Cloud Gaming Services

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There are many companies that provide Cloud Gaming services, having the motivation to change, how the gaming industry works, and believing that “Cloud Gaming is the future”, they launched their own Cloud Gaming platforms.

There are a number of Cloud Gaming Services available on Android and on PC, A list of Major Cloud Gaming services available in 2022 is as follows:

1. Xbox Cloud Gaming

2. NVidia GeForce Now

3. Shadow

4. Boosteroid

5. Airgpu

6. Nware

All these Cloud Gaming services are focused on providing the most high-end hardware to run games on maximum settings with the minimum latency factor, providing us with the most high-quality and smooth gameplay on any low-end device. All of the Cloud Gaming services have their pros and cons, which we are going to talk about next.

Pros Of Cloud Gaming

The Cloud Gaming industry is very new and the features it is providing definitely are amazing. It has a number of pros, which we are going to bring into the spotlight.

#1. No Download and Installation

It is always been a challenge to download games having sizes of more than 100+ GB and also storing them takes a large amount of storage space in our Pc, and sometimes many games take more time in the installation process than the download itself.

But with Cloud Gaming, there is no need to download or install a game, what you need is a good high-speed internet connection and you can run any heavy game like CyberPunk 2077 with just one click, no download, and no installation.

#2. Accessibility

One of the pros of Cloud Gaming is, it allows us to play any game (including the highest graphics games) on any device, Pc, Laptop, Android, IOS, and On Android TVs as well. This feature is the most beneficial, when you’re traveling and couldn’t access your Pc or laptop. You can access Cloud Gaming on your Android and IOS devices and start playing any PC or console games on your android and IOS devices, with the help of both on-screen controls or with a controller.

#3. Less Expensive

With Cloud Gaming gamers now can trade the cost of their Pc with the cheap membership of a Cloud Gaming service, which course costs much lesser than a high-end pc cost.

There are many Cheap Cloud Gaming services, that offer very cheap membership plans and allow you to play any game, anytime, anywhere with no downloads and no installation.

#4. Cross-Play

One of the great things about Cloud Gaming is its Cross-Play Feature. Cross-Play allows you to save the game progress on the cloud and you can continue the game on multiple devices, through Cloud Gaming. It is a great feature for you, if you like to travel a lot you can continue the game from where you left off.

#5. No System Requirements

The one thing that made it very special is, you don’t need to have any high-end Pc having an expensive CPU and GPU, you can play high-end games like GTA 5 or Cyber Punk 2077 on a Core2Duo 2 GB RAM Pc.

Yes, with Cloud Gaming it is definitely possible because the hardware is irrelevant when it comes to Cloud Gaming. Because the game runs on cloud-based servers but is remotely controlled by you. Therefore it has no hardware requirements. The only requirement is a high-speed internet connection.

Cons Of Cloud Gaming

Despite the Pros of Cloud Gaming, it has some cons as well, which you should consider if you’re looking to invest in a Cloud Gaming service.

The following are the Cons of Cloud Gaming:

#1. High-Speed Internet – Requirement

The pro of Cloud Gaming is that it doesn’t require any hardware, but the Con of Cloud Gaming is it requires “a very high-speed internet connection”.

As we mentioned, the way how cloud Gaming works is the game runs on Cloud-based servers but the game is displayed on your device and remotely controlled by you.

Because in Cloud Gaming the data is constantly sent and received between your device and the servers, therefore it requires a very high-speed internet connection. To make the process faster, as a result getting low latency.

#2. Latency Issues

Talking about “Latency”, one of the biggest cons of Cloud Gaming is the latency issue that comes while playing the game. High Latency is the only factor, why people don’t like Cloud Gaming. High Latency depends upon various factors, like your internet speed, and the location of the servers, on which the game is running.

Latency matters a lot while playing games like Call of Duty or Apex Legends, having the lowest latency can make your gaming experience a nightmare.

#3. Availability

Another Con of Cloud Gaming is that it is only available in a number of countries. Like if we take the example of NVidia GeForce Now, it is only available in a very few countries and you can’t do anything to access GeForce Now except for a few ones and the same goes for the Cloud Gaming services.

Accessing a Cloud Gaming service through VPN is not the way to go, as it doubles the latency issue while playing games.

#4. No Free Games

If you’re thinking that only purchasing the membership plan of a famous cloud Gaming service to enjoy every high-end game, then you are definitely thinking wrong.

Because Cloud Gaming services only give you access to playing games that you own and some provide you a “Virtual Computer” but in both, you can only play games that you already own in your Epic Games, Steam, or UbiSoft account.

#5. Cost of Monthly Plan

We mentioned a Pro of Cloud Gaming that is less expensive than a high-end Pc, which is true but it also has a con that many Cloud Gaming services cost a lot.

If we talk about Xbox Cloud Gaming,  there are some barriers you have to overcome before entering Xbox Cloud Gaming, one of them is a subscription to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, which costs around 15$ a month then you can access Xbox Cloud Gaming. Which is not cheap, also if we look at Shadow it costs 29.99$ a month, which is also quite expensive.


Why is cloud gaming so laggy?

Cloud Gaming is so laggy because its only requirement is a high-speed internet connection, on low-speed internet Cloud Gaming definitely feels very laggy.

How much is cloud gaming Monthly?

Every Cloud Gaming service costs differently on monthly basis, like GeForce, Now costs 10$ a month, Xbox Cloud Gaming costs 15$ a month and Shadow costs 29.99$ a month.

Is cloud gaming better than downloading games?

If you have a very high-speed internet connection, then Cloud Gaming is better than downloading. Because you can play the same game with one click on Cloud Gaming.

Do I need a GPU for cloud gaming?

No, you don’t need a GPU for Cloud Gaming, the only requirement is a high-speed internet connection for high-quality gameplay.

Will cloud gaming replace PC?

Right now, it is hard due to the unavailability of high-speed internet connections, but in the future, it is definitely possible.

Can I play Xbox on my phone without a controller?

Yes, you can play Xbox Games on your mobile without a controller with the help of Cloud gaming, because it supports on-screen controls in many games.

Which cloud gaming is free?

Right now, the free cloud gaming service available is NVidia GeForce Now, but it has limited session time and you have to wait for hours to end the game.

Does cloud gaming cost money?

Yes, every cloud gaming service costs money except for the few that provide some time to use the service for free like NVidia GeForce Now.

What specs do I need for cloud gaming?

For Cloud Gaming, you need nothing except a good internet connection and you can play CyberPunk 2077 on 4K on a 2GB ram pc.

Is Minecraft on cloud gaming?

Yes, Minecraft is available on cloud gaming services like Xbox Cloud Gaming and GeForce Now.

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