Parsec Cloud Gaming: How to use it?

This post is a helpful rundown on how to use Parsec for cloud gaming.

If you are looking for a step-by-step guide on how to set up and use parsec for cloud gaming, then you have come to the right place. With cloud gaming on Parsec you can play games anywhere and anytime in the world, only f you have very high-speed wifi or a 5G connection. You can access your own Pc, or a client Pc and play the game remotely anywhere on any device.

Read on below if you’re looking for a complete rundown on what is parsec and how parsec cloud gaming works.

What is Parsec?


Parsec is the ultimate remote desktop solution for individuals, teams, and for enterprise-sized companies. It allows users to share and access hardware with each other and remotely access it on any device including- your laptop or mobile device. You can use this remote PC to work on the design together and get the work done remotely as a team working for a company. Parsec can be used for cloud gaming as you can access your hardware or any other hardware remotely from any part of the world. Internet is the only required for cloud gaming on parsec.

How Parsec Cloud Gaming Works?


Parsec is a remote desktop software that means you can remotely access either your Pc or a client Pc or you can access the Pc that you have rented from cloud gaming services like AirGPU or Paperspace. Once the PC is connected you have complete access to that Pc. You can run any high-end software or play high-end Pc that is remotely controlled by you, no matter which device you’re playing the game on.

Cloud Gaming on parsec requires an internet connection of 15-20Mbps internet connection as the data is frequently sent and received between your device and the hardware that you are controlling remotely.

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how to set up a cloud gaming machine on parsec?

For Cloud Gaming on Parsec, you can either remotely access your Pc or hardware you rented from cloud gaming services like AirGPU and Paperspace.

Once you have the machine, follow these handfuls of steps to play games on cloud gaming:

Step 1: Download Parsec on your device (Mobile or Pc) on which you want to access hardware remotely and create an account.

Step2. Install Parsec on the desired hardware that you want to access for cloud gaming and log in with the same account.

Step 3. Verify your account.

Step 4. Click on connect and you’ll have remote access to any hardware instantly.

How to play games on Parsec Cloud Gaming?

As we mentioned, Parsec is a remote access software that helps you to access your own hardware or the hardware you rented from a Pc rental service. You can only play those games that you have already installed on your hardware or the games that you own in your Steam or Epic Games account, which you can download on the Pc you have remote access to.

If you download a game on the remote Pc, you are connected remotely. The download speed will depend on the internet, to which remote hardware is connected.

what better to use parsec when getting a cloud gaming PC

It is better to use parsec because it is much more trusted remote access software and very easy to use. Also, parsec allows you to change settings like- Resolution, bandwidth connection, and FPS.

Download Parsec now.

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