Paperspace Cloud Gaming: Everything you need to know (In just 5 minutes)

Here’s everything you need to know about the Cloud Gaming service “Paperspace”


If you are looking for a rundown on one of “Paperspace” which is one of the best Cloud Gaming services and how it works, you have come to the right place. Paperspace is basically a Cloud Computing service that provides Cloud-based development tools and virtual machines ranging from single-user to enterprise-sized companies, allowing you to access the Virtual-Machine on pitty much any device and run anything you want in that sense.

But in this post, we will mainly provide our helpful rundown on the Cloud Gaming Portion of Paperspace, what it is, how it works, how much it cost, how to access it, and much more.

What is Paperspace Cloud Gaming?


Paperspace basically is a “Cloud Computing Service” that allows renting high-end Virtual Machines ranging from single users to big enterprise-sized companies, so that to access virtual machines anytime on the go on any device. Paperspace has over 500K+ users and a market price of $191 Billion. Paperspace also provides the ability to rent GPU Cloud Computers similar to airgpu and Shadow on an hourly basis. These GPU Cloud Computers allow users to play any high-end game on their Pc and other devices, anytime anywhere. No download and no installation.

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How does Paperspace Cloud Gaming Work?


Paperspace allows you to create a high-end Cloud machine, costing on an hourly basis. There are multiple tiers to choose from. All the tiers have the best hardware specification having an RTX Graphics card and tons of RAM and storage (which you can also increase if you want). Paperspace offers single GPU as well as multiple GPU systems. But for Cloud Gaming a single GPU would be more than enough, as you are the only one playing. Once you choose the desired tier, choose one of the three data centers, choose that is near to you. So to get the minimum latency possible.

You can give your machine a Name, Assign Machine access, connect your machine to a Private Network and add a Public IP address. Keep in mind to enable the Auto-Shutdown option so that you won’t be charged for some extra hours. Then create your machine.

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How Much Does Paperspace Cloud Gaming Cost?

As we mentioned Paperspace has multiple Cloud machine tiers that have High-End hardware configurations supporting an RTX GPU. Some of the Paperspace tiers include

  • GPU+ having 8 CPU | 30 GB RAM | Quadro M4000 (Costs $0.45/hour)
  • P4000 having 8 CPU | 30 GB RAM | Quadro P4000 (Costs $0.51/hour)
  • P5000 having 8 CPU | 30 GB RAM | Quadro P5000 (Costs $0.78/hour)

and the list goes on and on.

You can only select the tiers that are currently unlocked, to access the ones that are locked you’ll need to approve your account to choose them. Paperspace’s every tier costs on an hourly basis but you can select the monthly billing as it gives you some discount(Not much). Also, keep in mind there are other fees attached to running this machine. Increasing Storage also costs you extra as you go further from 100 GB to 2TB.

How to access Paperspace Cloud Gaming?


In order to access Paperspace Cloud Gaming, you’ll need to rent a machine as we mentioned above, once you select the machine tier, you have to select the region from one of the three, including:

  • Europe AMS1

Once your machine is ready, start your machine. In order to access Paperspace Cloud Gaming, you’ll need an application called Parsec. Through Parsec you can access your machine on your Pc and Android devices. Simply log in to Parse on your desktop and also sign in to the machine (where Parsec is already installed. You can check this video on how to set up Parse.

How to access Parsec Cloud Gaming on Android?

If you want to access Parsec on your Android device, you will also need Parsec, simply download it from the play store Sign in to Parsec on your Android mobile or tablet and then launch your machine and sign in to Parse on the machine as well. Then connect to your machine and check the video below.

Pros and Cons Of Paperspace Cloud Gaming

There are many Pros and Cons of the Cloud Gaming service- Paperspace. Like one of the biggest pros of this service is the low latency and flexibility and reasonable price. But it has some Cons as well like Billing issues, setup problems, and limited unlocked tiers.

If you want to see the complete review and a rundown on the Pros and Cons of Paperspace Cloud Gaming service, check this post.

If you are interested in learning more about cloud gaming services like Paperspace you can visit our official site, so you can see what’s on the horizon for Cloud Gaming with our pick of the most exciting upcoming Cloud Gaming services for you.


Is Paperspace good for gaming?

Yes, Paperspace is good for cloud gaming, as it provides very high-end machines tiers to rent supporting RTX GPU, on which you can run almost AAA titles on maximum settings.

What GPU does Paperspace use?

Paperspace has multiple machine tiers, these include an A4000, P4000, A5000, and an A6000 supporting multiple GPUs at a time.

Is Paperspace safe?

Paperspace is 100% safe to use as it secures your payment details and the data you transfer or receive on their machines is end-to-end encrypted.

How do you play warzone on Paperspace?

Once you set up your account and launched the machine, you can sign in to your Steam or epic or any other third-party distributor where you own the game, simply download it and you can play the game on Paperspace.

How do you start a Paperspace machine?

In order to start a Paperspace machine you will need to download Parsce, simply create an account on Parsec, verify your account on the rented machine and you can access your machine on any device,

what is the alternative to Paperspace

The best alternative to Paperspace is airgpu, as it is also a Pc rental service at very reasonable prices like Paperspace. You can use airgpu as an alternative for Cloud Gaming as well.

is Paperspace cloud gaming free?

No, Paperspace Cloud Gaming is not free and they also don’t offer any free trial like many other cloud gaming services.

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