Only Headshot FreeFire Settings on mobile


Many FreeFire players struggle with the problem of not having a good sensitivity, and can’t get those crispy headshots, every time they drag their fire button.

Are you one of them?

Well, don’t worry. In this post, we’ll share with you the best only headshot FreeFire settings on mobile which can help you achieve fast reflexes and more headshots in both long and close-range battles.

Free Fire is a battle-royale game developed and published by Garena in 2017, with more than a billion downloads on PlayStore, making it the most popular battle-royale game for mobile in the world.

How FreeFire Headshots works?

Free Fire is the only battle-royale game that has the “drag headshot” feature, no other game comes with this feature to drag upward your fire button and your enemy will get a headshot.

Actually, when you drag your fire button, it depends not on the size or speed of dragging it, it basically depends upon your sensitivity settings.

Low sensitivity cause the aim to stick to the body and high sensitivity causes the aim to go over enemies head. So we have to look for a good but effective sensitivity for headshots on mobile.

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Free Fire best settings for headshots in mobile

Before talking about the best sensitivity for free fire for headshots on mobile, let’s first talk about how to change free fire settings,

How to change Free Fire settings on mobile

In order to change free fire sensitivity settings, Click the small little icon on the top-right corner,


you’ll see a bunch of different options in the setting menu like; Basic, sensitivity, control, auto pickup, display, sound, and notification.

Best Sensitivity settings for Headshots

Let me clarify one thing here, for headshots not only does your sensitivity matter but also your device on which you are playing also matters a lot.

So keep in mind a “good sensitivity works only with a good mobile device.

Here are some of the best sensitivity settings, famous pro players use;

  1. White FF
  • General: 89
  • Red Dot: 97
  • 2X Scope: 100
  • 4X Scope: 77
  • Sniper Scope: 86
  • Free Look: 30

2. Apelapato

  • General: 65
  • Red Dot: 100
  • 2X Scope: 100
  • 4X Scope: 100
  • Sniper Scope: 0
  • Free Look: 50

3. Raistar

  • General: 95
  • Red Dot: 90
  • 2X Scope: 100
  • 4X Scope: 100
  • Sniper Scope: 100
  • Free Look: 50

Once you change your sensitivity settings, you’ll notice a noticeable difference in your movement speed and headshots.

In case, if it didn’t work for you, you can sort of tweak these sensitivity settings a little bit according to your comfort.

Best Custom HUD for Free Fire

As we mentioned, In free fire your movement and headshot matter the most. So having a bad custom hud can badly impact your movement speed and headshots. But at the same time, if have a custom hud, and you’re comfortable playing with it, you’ll become unbeatable.

Here are some of the custom hud settings, famous free fire mobile players use;

  1. White FF
White FF custom hud settings

2. Apelapato

Apelapato custom hud settings

3. Raistar

Raistar custom hud settings

Secret Trick for only headshots in Free Fire

Once you apply the sensitivity and custom hud settings, you’ll definitely see a considerable difference in your headshots and movement speed. But here are some of the secret tricks for only headshots;

  1. Training Ground

Training Ground is one of the best places to improve your headshot rate, movement speed, and reflexes. Training Ground is also the best way to test your sensitivity and custom hud settings, to check whether they are good or bad for you.

2. Custom Rooms

All the pro players who give only headshots and red numbers play a lot of custom room matches with their friends and improve their technique and movement.

3. Practice

The only thing that makes one perfect is “Practice,” the pro players we see, they had to spend years and years improving their gameplay and used the same custom hud to become the master at it.

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