OnePlay Indian Cloud Gaming: Everything you need to know

Are you looking for a Netflix for gaming that allows you to stream games on your device similar to watching movies and Tv shows, OnePlay is for you.

OnePlay is a cloud gaming and streaming service that allows users to play any AAA high-quality Pc and console games on any device without having to buy expensive hardware at affordable prices, without any downloads and updates. If you’re looking for a complete rundown of the cloud gaming service OnePlay, then you have come to the right place.

Read on below, if you want to know, how it works, prices, game list, availability, and much more.

What is OnePlay?


OnePlay is an India-based cloud gaming and streaming service that allow users to play games on the cloud without having to buy expensive hardware, similar to Ant Play and The Gaming Project. It allows users to play any AAA game anytime anywhere without having to download anything. Having servers in Mumbai, OnePlay promises very low latency and high-quality gameplay on any device like Pc, Mac, or mobile device with the only requirement of a high-speed internet connection.

Right now OnePlay is available as beta and players have to wait on the waiting list in order to use this platform. OnePlay also offers some free trials and has subscription plans as well. 

How does OnePlay Cloud Gaming Work?


The way OnePlay cloud gaming works is, when you launch a game on OnePlay, it basically runs on their cloud-based servers and the game is broadcasted on your device, which you can control using a controller, mouse keyboard, and on-screen controls. This way the only major requirement is a high-speed internet connection because the data is continuously sent and received between your device and the server. Anywhere between 10-15 Mbps is good for cloud gaming.

How Much OnePlay Cloud Gaming Cost? 

OnePlay cloud gaming service is pretty affordable for everyone, it comes with three subscription plans, a starter edition that costs Rs. 199, a founder edition that costs Rs. 499, and an Elite Edition that costs Rs. 799. The higher you go for a subscription, the more advantages you’ll have, like more high-quality gameplay and access to more games.

You can pay via Debit Card, Credit Card, or UPI and cancel your subscription anytime you wish.

You can check the complete subscription list here.

How to use OnePlay for free?

OnePlay is the only cloud gaming platform that gives new users a free 5-hour trial, any user that registers a new account can claim a 5-hour free playtime on OnePlay. The method for claiming the free trial is quite simple, just follow these handfuls of steps:

Step1. Go to their official site and click on ‘waiting list

Step2. Register for an account.

Step3. Verify your account.

After that, you will have to wait for a few days and OnePlay will give you your 5-hour free trial.

By the time of writing this article there are 2500 members on waiting lists, so hurry up so that you won’t miss the chance to get free playtime hours.

How to register for OnePlay Cloud Gaming?

The registration process is quite simple on OnePlay cloud gaming, just fill out the form and after verifying your email and phone number, your account will be registered.

You can register using this link.


What games are available on OnePlay Cloud Gaming?

OnePlay Cloud Gaming has 1000s of games available to play, it also depends on your subscription because the higher the subscription the more games you can access.

Here’s a list of games available on OnePlay:

  1. Grand Theft Auto 5
  2. Fortnite
  3. CS: GO
  4. Shadow of Tomb Raider
  5. Resident Evil 3
  6. Worlds of Tank
  7. Dota 2
  8. Witcher 3
  9. Destiny 2
  10. Never Winter

What are the system requirements for OnePlay Cloud Gaming?

Being a cloud gaming platform, OnePlay doesn’t demand any system requirements. As long as you have a high-speed internet connection of 10-15Mbps you are good to go. Also if your Pc or macOS can run YouTube videos, you can use OnePlay on that device for cloud gaming. 

How to download OnePlay Cloud Gaming on multiple devices?

OnePlay Cloud Gaming is available on Windows and macOS, and Android and IOS devices will be available soon.

Download For Windows 

Download For macOS  

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