Netboom Cloud Gaming: everything you need to know (In just 5 minutes)

Is Netboom cloud gaming service free? Here’s everything you need to know about Netboom.


If you’re looking for a complete rundown on the cloud gaming service ‘Netboom’ you have come to the right place. Netboom is a cloud gaming service that allows us to play high-end Pc and console games on low-end devices including Pc, laptops, and mobile devices, without downloading or installing anything anywhere and anytime. Netboom supports controllers, keyboard, mouse, and on-screen controls while playing on mobile or tablets.

This post is mainly a complete rundown on everything you need to know about ‘Netboom’ including- how netboom works, how much it costs, is netboom free to play, and much more.

What is Netboom?


Netboom is a cloud gaming and streaming platform that allows us to play the games that we own in our Steam account on our Pc and mobile devices without having to download any files and no need to buy very expensive hardware, all you need is a high-speed internet connection and you can play every high-end game on maximum settings through your web browser.

Netboom library has 300+ pick-and-play games and offers very good service at a very cheap price. one of the best things about Netboom is it is very easy to set up. you don’t need to download Parsec to access it. you can access Netboom through your web browser.

Sign up on Netboom today.

How does Netboom work?

Netboom cloud gaming service allows you to stream and play games that you own directly from the cloud to your device without any download or installation on any device including- Pc, laptops, and mobile devices. The only requirement is a good internet connection.

Like other cloud gaming services like GeForce Now or Boosteroid, Netboom provides a very user-friendly experience. The process of accessing it is much easy and simple as you don’t need to download Parsec or moonlight which makes the process a bit more complicated. All you need to have is a netboom subscription and a web browser and you can access cloud gaming and lay any game you own in just one click.

Where you can access Netboom?

Netboom is accessible on every device including- Pc, laptops, android, IOS, and IPad devices. As Netboom supports gaming via controller, mouse keyboard, and on-screen controls. Gaming is much easier through Netboom cloud gaming on any device.

Here’s how you can access Netboom Cloud Gaming on different devices:

On Android Devices:

For accessing Netboom on Android devices, you can use Netboom native app which you can download from PlayStore or through your web browsers like Chrome or Firefox by clicking on the “Play Now” option and signing in to your account (on which you have purchased the subscription).

Netboom for Android

On IOS Devices:

To access netboom on ios devices, the process is almost the same. You can either use the app which you can download from Appstore or through your web browsers like chrome or safari simply by clicking on the “Play Now” option and signing in to your account (on which you have purchased the subscription).

Netboom for IOS

On Pc and Laptop:

The only way to access Netboom on a PC and laptop is through a web browser and you can enjoy cloud gaming without any downloads and updates.

Netboom Official Site

Is Netboom free?

Netboom is one of the most popular cloud gaming service providers but doesn’t offer any free trial which means you have to buy a subscription, in order to access cloud gaming.

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How Much Does Netboom Cost?


Like any other cloud gaming service, Netboom is a paid service and has both hourly plans and monthly and annual subscription plans.

1. Hourly Plans:

First, we take at Netboom’s hourly plans these include- a 5 Hours plan which costs 2.99$, a 10 Hours plan which costs 5.88$, a 20 Hours plan which costs 11.59$, and lastly a 40 hours plan which costs 23.99$.

2. Basic Subscription Plans:

Netboom has three basic subscription plans, including:

Monthly plan which costs 4.99$ (2-hour/ day), an Annual Plan which costs 79.99$ (100 hour/ month) ,and a Quarter Plan which costs 19.99$ (80-hour/ month).

3. Premium Subscription Plans:

Netboom also has three premium subscription plans, including:

A monthly plan costs 9.99$ (80-hour playtime), an Annual Plan costs 89.99$ (unlimited time), and a Quarter Plan costs 29.99$ (unlimited time).

To learn more about netboom plans and subscriptions click on this link.

What games are available on Netboom?

Netboom has a very big library of games with more than 300+ games from all genres including action, fps, most popular, sports, and adventure. One of the most famous games available on Netboom are,

  1. Grand Theft Auto 5
  2. Apex Legends
  3. God Of War
  4. Tekken 7
  5. Red Dead Redemption2

and the list goes on and on.

How to play games on netboom without purchasing them?

You can play games on netboom if you didn’t own the games or don’t wanna purchase either way you can play games through- Account Sharing. It is a very cool feature in Netboom because it let you play games on netboom as netboom will you an account that has the game purchased, so you can play the game without owning it.

But this way has a con in that your game progress will not be saved.


netboom is it safe?

Yes, netboom cloud gaming is 100% safe and your payment details are completely safe.

Is netboom legit?

Yes, netboom is a legit cloud gaming service, you can stream games on your device through the cloud on high quality.

how to get free coins in netboom

Netboom has a feature called “upload now” which you can access by clicking any game, you can create a video on youtube about netboom and by pasting the link, you’ll get some free coins.

is netboom available in India?

Yes, you can use netboom in India and enjoy any game on cloud gaming.

apps like netboom but free

There are some cloud gaming apps like netboom but are fee these include- NVidia GeForce and Nware Cloud Gaming.

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