Loudplay Cloud Gaming: Everything you need to know (In just 5 minutes)

Here’s everything you need to know about cloud gaming service- Loudplay


If you’re looking for a complete rundown on Loudplay cloud gaming, you have come to the right place. Loudplay unlike other cloud gaming services provides a full-fledged Pc that can be accessed on any device and can be used to install any game that you own. Loudplay costs on an hourly basis and prices are very affordable and you can access it in any part of the world. It allows users to play games on maximum settings at 60+FPS with the lowest possible latency.

Read on below, if you want to know what loudplay is, how it works, how much loudplay costs, and much more.

What is Loudplay Cloud Gaming?


Loudplay is a Russian-based cloud gaming service that allows users to rent high-end machines hourly. These machines are very easy to set up and you can install pretty much any game and software on this machine as you do on your Pc. Loudplay supports Windows, macOS, and android devices. That means you can access your machine on pretty much any device, anytime and anywhere. Loudplay allows users to play games on their high-end machines by simply downloading the games that they had purchased. Loudplay can access anywhere in the world, but latency might be a problem.

What are the System Requirements for Loudplay cloud gaming?

Like any other cloud gaming service, your current hardware doesn’t matter. So do Loudplay as well. What it requires are a supported OS and a high-speed internet connection. Loudplay itself recommends that if your Pc can play YouTube videos then you can easily play games on Loudplay. The Internet requirement for Loudplay is 10mbps to 30mbps or a 5Ghz wired-wifi connection.

Keep in mind, the faster the internet connection the lowest latency you will face.

How does Loudplay Cloud Gaming work?

As we mentioned that Loudplay is a Pc rental PC service, but the way it works is quite interesting. when you launch a game on their virtual machines, the game is basically running on their cloud servers but streaming on your device that you control remotely using a controller or keyboard mouse.

Loudplay servers are fully equipped with the latest and most high-end hardware that is powerful enough to fulfill your gaming needs. Loudplay allows users to play games at maximum settings of more than 60+ fps anywhere in the world. Loudplay provides an internet connection of 1Gbps which means you won’t face a hard time downloading the games.

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Which countries are supported by Loudplay?

Unlike other cloud gaming services, Loudplay has no limits in terms of accessibility, which means you can use Loudplay anywhere in the world and play games on their high-end machines.

But keep in mind that their servers are located in Moscow-Russia, so if the servers are far away from your location you will face very high latency issues. A minimum latency of 50- 70 ms is playable but something more than that makes cloud gaming, literally a nightmare.

How much does Loudplay cost?

Loudplay is one of those cloud gaming services that allows users to rent hardware at very cheap prices. Loudplay comes with 4 subscription plans which offer a particular playtime. Keep in mind the only way to purchase their subscription is through Paypal.


Here is a complete detail of their subscription plans:

1-hour Plan

Loudplay’s first plan is a 1-hour plan that costs 1.15$ giving you an hour of playtime.

3-hours Plan

Loudplays second subscription plan offers a 3-hour playtime costing you 3.3$.

5-hours Plan

Loudplay’s third subscription plan offers a 5-hour playtime costing you 5.3$.

20-hours Plan

The last subscription plan offers 20 hours of playtime costing 18$.

Is Loudplay Cloud Gaming free?

Loudplay is one of the only cloud gaming services that offer a free trial of an hour for new users, you can claim the free trial by creating a new account and giving your credit card details.

How to access Loudplay on multiple devices?

Loudplay cloud gaming is available on Windows, macOS, and android devices. In order to access Loudplay on any of these devices, you can use Loudplay native app.

Download for Android devices.

Download For macOS

Download For Windows

How to set up Loudplay cloud gaming?

Unlike other cloud gaming services, Loudplay is very easy to set up. Follow these handfuls of steps and you are good to go.

STEP 1. Download their app

STEP 2. Log in or create an account

STEP 3. Purchase a plan or start your free trial

and your machine will be ready to use.

What Games are available on Loudplay?

Loudplay instead of giving you access to their game library gives you access to a full-fledged windows Pc, which has third-party distributors like Steam, Epic Games, and Ubisoft already installed which means you can download the game that you had purchased, there are also some games installed in the machine.

Here is a list of games both free and licensed:

  1. Grand Theft Auto 5
  2. Fortnite (Free)
  3. Dota 2 (Free)
  4. Spiderman
  5. CS: GO (Free)
  6. Red Dead Redemption
  7. STRAY

The list goes on and on.

Final Words:

Loudplay is a great cloud gaming service and quite affordable too, the thing that made me stand apart from other cloud gaming services is that it provides new users a 1-hour free trial. which is rare as other cloud gaming services don’t provide any free trial.

Overall the service is very good but the latency factory is the only problem with Loudplay because the servers are located in Moscow-Russia therefore latency might be higher. Otherwise, it is a very cheap and quite stable service. One of the best things about Loudplay is very easy to set up as they have a native app to access cloud gaming.

Sign up on Loudplay Cloud Gaming now.


How much does Loudplay cost?

Loudplay comes with 4 subscription plans that cost from 1.15$ to 18$ giving you playtime depending on the plan from 1 to 20 hours.

Is Loudplay available in India?

Yes, you can use loudplay cloud gaming in India and play your favorite games. Latency might be a bit higher but you can still use it.

What is the best free cloud gaming service?

Right now the free best cloud gaming services are NVidia GeForce Now, Loudplay, and Nware cloud gaming.

Is loudplay safe?

Loudplay is a trusted cloud gaming service that has partnered up with companies like NVidia. It is 100% safe to use.

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