BlueStacks X vs BlueStacks 5 – Which is better (Differences Explained)

BlueStacks is a well-known American company, famous for developing android players, that allow us to play android games locally on our PC and now on the cloud.

Right now, the two most popular emulators of BlueStacks are BlueStacks 5 and BlueStacks X(10).

But the question is, Which is better?

Which is better? Bluestacks 5 or 10

If you have a low-end machine, that cannot handle running BlueStacks 5, then BlueStacks X is best for you. As it allows you to play games instantly without downloading or installing anything. On BlueStacks X, the game runs on the cloud and all you need is a good internet connection.

They are obviously some major differences between both emulators that make one better than the other.

Major Differences between BlueStacks 5 vs 10

Before talking about all the major differences, let’s see what exactly BlueStacks 5 and BlueStacks 10 are:

What is BlueStacks 5?

BlueStacks 5 is one of the most recognized and lightweight android emulators, that allows users to play more than 2 million+ android games locally on PC with the help of a mouse and keyboard.

What is BlueStacks X?

BlueStacks X is a cloud-based android emulator that allows users to play more than 2 million+ games on the cloud, without any hardware and downloading requirements, instantly with one click.


Here are some of the major differences between BlueStacks 5 and BlueStacks X:

  1. Waiting Time:

BlueStacks X takes no time to launch the game because the game runs in the cloud. But BlueStacks 5 take 20-30 minutes to start the game.

2. Storage Requirement:

BlueStacks 5 requires at least 2-3 GB storage on Pc and game data takes additional storage, but BlueStacks X takes no storage on your Pc.

3. RAM and CPU usage:

BlueStacks X uses no RAM and CPU because the game runs on cloud-based servers and BlueStacks 5 on the other hand, uses at least 4 GB of RAM.

4. Cross-play Platform:

BlueStacks X supports cross-play meaning your game progress is saved on the cloud and you can continue the game where you left off on any device. but BlueStacks 5 doesn’t support this.

5. Internet Requirements:

BlueStacks X, being a cloud-based emulator requires an internet connection of at least 5mbps. but BlueStacks 5 doesn’t have any specific internet requirements.

6. Downloading Files:

BlueStacks X doesn’t require you to download any file in order to run the game. But BlueStacks 5 require downloading both an emulator and games on your Pc.

7. Player Preference:

On BlueStacks 5, you can play more than 2million+ games locally on Pc but on BlueStacks X, you can not play every game available.

Learn more about Player Preference in BlueStacks X

8. System Requirements

Here are the system requirements for both- BlueStacks 5 and BlueStacks X:

ConfigurationBlueStacks 5BlueStacks X
OSWindows 7 or aboveWindows 7 or above
ProcessorIntel/AMD or NVidiaNot Required
RAMAt least 4 GBNot Required (but 2 GB recommended)
StorageAt least 5 GBAt least 1 GB
GPUNVIDIA GTX 660 2GB / AMD HD 7870 2GBNot Required

How to download BlueStacks 5 and BlueStacks X?

Inorder to downlaod BlueStacks 5 and BlueStacks X, you can check the links below:

Download BlueStacks 5

Download BlueStacks X

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