Best Free Cloud Gaming App For Android 

best cloud gaming app for android

Looking for a free cloud gaming application for android, you have come to the right place.

In this article, we’ll be sharing with you the best cloud gaming for android which you can use for free.

Being, a gamer it is hard to spend money on a subscription to cloud gaming applications, but there are some apps that let you play games on the cloud for absolutely free.

Cloud gaming is a new method that allows you to play games on remote servers but at the same time, you are controlling the game, the only requirement of cloud gaming is high-speed internet so that the servers could send and receive information much faster, in case of cloud gaming your PC or mobile specifications are out of the equation.

There are basically 2 free cloud gaming apps for android discussed in this article.

1. Mogul Cloud Game – Play PC Games 


Mogul cloud gaming app is one of the best cloud gaming apps for android, it turns your high-end pc allowing you to play high-quality games on your mobile at 60FPS. One of the cool things about this app is, that it has very low latency issues, and also for playing PC games, you do not need to download and purchase any game.

Now the question here is, is it free?

Well, Mogul is not completely free, but you can use it for free by watching ads and enjoying your favorite PC game on mobile.

You can use both on-screen controls and an Xbox controller as well.


2. NVidia GeForce Now


On number 2, we have NVidia GeForce Now, Geforce now is one of the best cloud gaming services available right now, and that lets you play high-quality games on both PC and mobile, supporting up to 120FPS at 4K.

Is NVidia GeForce Now free?

The answer is “yes”

You can use NVidia GeForce Now for free and play your favorite game on mobile. 

But the problem is NVidia GeForce Now is only accessible in particular countries like Europe.

But you can try if it is available in your country as well.

NVidia GeForce Now also supports both on-screen controls and Xbox controllers for playing games.



1. Is Nvidia GeForce now free?

Yes, NVidia GeForce Now is free, but you can buy the membership for more accessibility and more extended gameplay sessions,

2. Is Mogul app free?

No, Mogul app is not completely free, but you can get some diamonds by watching ads.

3. Is GeForce NOW 1 hour a day?

With the free tier, you are limited to 1-hour in a single session, but there is no defined number of sessions you can start in a day.

4. Does cloud gaming work on Android?

Yes, cloud gaming does work on android. There are a number of cloud gaming apps for android, you can check our post on “cloud gaming apps for android” here

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