Best cheapest Cloud Gaming Services in 2022 – Comparison

Cheapest Cloud Gaming Service best in 2022 - Comparison

Looking for the cheapest cloud gaming service in 2022, well today we’ll compare the best cloud gaming services and see which is the cheapest one.

It is a dream of every gamer, to play every game he wishes without any hardware restrictions. Many of you also have the same dream as well. because back in the days when games were launched, the minimum system requirements of a single game were much more than the hardware specifications.

But now with the help of Cloud Gaming, you can trade the cost of your hardware with a membership in a cloud gaming service.

In recent years, there were many cloud gaming services were launched, there is a boom in cloud gaming because of the access to high-speed internet connections.

In this article, we’ll be comparing the cheapest cloud gaming services in 2022, like GeForce now and many others as well.

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List of Best Cloud Gaming Services

  1. GeForce Now
  2. Xbox Cloud Gaming
  3. Google Stadia
  4. NetBoom
  5. BlackNut

1. NVidia GeForce Now

GeForce Now is a Cloud-Gaming service provided by NVidia, first released in 2015 as a beta version and completely released on February 4, 2020, for Nvidia Shield devices, macOS, Microsoft Windows, ChromeOS, Android, iOS, and WebOS.

NVidia GeForce Now, lets you play high-end games on low-end pc and mobile devices.

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How Much is NVidia GeForce Now

NVidia GeForce Now comes with three membership plans,

  • Free
  • Priority (50$/month)
  • RTX 3080 (100$/month)

In the “Free” membership plan you can play on a “basic rig” just for 1-hour each time, and you also have to wait in a queue before entering the game.

The “Priority” membership costs 50$ per month and the “RTX 3080” costs 100$ a month.

2. Xbox Cloud Gaming

In the Cloud Gaming industry, Xbox Cloud Gaming is a big player and it made the dream of playing high-quality games on Pc and mobile possible. On the Xbox Cloud Gaming service, you can play every high-end game without caring about the hardware specifications you have on your end.

How Much is Xbox Cloud Gaming

Xbox Cloud Gaming is only available for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers. This service costs $15/month. There is no standalone subscription for Xbox Cloud Gaming.

3. Google Stadia

Cloud Gaming has become much more accessible, because of the availability of so many Cloud Gaming services, Google Stadia is also one of the best Cloud Gaming services that let you play any high-end game on your pc and mobile device.

 How Much is Google Stadia

Google Stadia comes with two membership plans,

  1. Free
  2. Pro Membership (10$/Month)

The pan costs nothing but the Stadia Pro memberships cost 10$/month.

4. NetBoom

Cloud Gaming services like NetBoom, allowed us to play any PC high-end game, anywhere and in any part of the world. With NetBoom you can play famous games like Fortnite, GTA5, CyberPunk, etc on low-end pc and mobile devices. 

But how much does it costs?

How much is NetBoom

Netboom comes with three membership plans,

  1. Monthly Plan (10$ a month)
  2. Annually Plan (90$ a month)
  3. Quarterly Plan (29$ a month)

The monthly plan cost 10$ a month, with a limitation of 80 hours per month.

The annual plan costs 90$ a month, with no limitations.

And the quarterly plan costs 29$ a month, with no limitations.

5. BlackNut

BlackNut is also a great cloud gaming service that let you play your favorite game on your Pc and mobile device, like many other cloud gaming services, blacknut allows you to play GTA5, CyberPunk, and Mafia definitive edition on your low-end desktop and mobile device.

How Much is BlackNut

BlackNut cost 16$. Month, the subscription can be canceled at any time.

Free Cloud Gaming Services

If you are looking for a cloud gaming service for completely free, then don’t worry we definitely have some free cloud gaming services for you.

You can use the “Free tier” of NVidia GeForce Now and you can also use NetBoom as it gives you some free trial, but the trial is too short.

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As we have seen the price of the famous cloud gaming services, Netboom, and Xbox cloud gaming if you can buy an Xbox game pass ultimate subscription is the best because Netboom is giving your 80 hours of gaming a month and access to 300 games+ games.

But if you want to try Cloud Gaming, we would highly encourage you to try GeForce Now, the free tier. So you can get the idea if cloud gaming is for you or not.

If Netboom and Xbox cloud gaming is not available in your country, then you can definitely give a shot to BlackNut and Stadia Pro as well.

But if you can afford, the priority membership in GeForce Now, you should go for it, because it is the most stable cloud gaming service and gives you 6 months of unlimited cloud gaming with no waiting time, and supports 1080p gameplay at 60FPS.

If you find that article helpful, do share it and also leave a comment below.

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