Is airgpu Free? (everything you need to know about airgpu)

airgpu is a cloud gaming service that allows users to rent fully-fledged hardware with the maximum flexibility to select the desired configurations. These virtual PC are powerful enough to run any game on maximum settings up to 4k at 60 fps with minimum latency with the only requirement of good internet connection.

airgpu offers 6 different machine tiers to rent, these machine tiers can be rented on an hourly basis and accessible on any device and anytime. 

But the question is, Is airgpu free?

Is airgpu Free?

No, airgpu is not free and it doesn’t offer any free trial either. The only way to use airgpu for cloud gaming is to buy credits in order to run the machine and play games on it.

What is airgpu cloud gaming?


airgpu is a cloud gaming and PC rental service based in Utrecht, Netherlands that allow users to rent high-end machines with maximum flexibility on an hourly basis. You can create your machine with the desired configuration and start that machine using credits. You can buy these credits using Credit card, PayPal and Googlepay.

airgpu has nearly 18 data centers in 4 different countries to make cloud gaming possible around the globe, because they have so many data centers you aren’t going to face any latency issues and the delay will me unnoticeable.

airgpu offers 6 different machine tiers, each tier is equivalent to the most powerful GPUs in the market, and the best thing is this virtual machine can also be used for other purposes like video editing, development, coding, design etcetera except “Mining”

What is airgpu pricing?

airgpu is one of the cheapest cloud Pc rental services, that doesn’t offer any monthly subscription or any surprise bills at the end of the month, airgpu offers very simple pricing with maximum flexibility to select configurations like RAM, CPU cores, and storage.

There are 6 different machine tiers including both RTX and AWS machines, here is a complete detail.

RTX Tiers ( Limited availability in North America )

Nvidia Quadro RTX 4000Nvidia RTX A4000Nvidia RTX A5000
similar to Nvidia GeForce RTX 2070similar to Nvidia GeForce RTX 3070similar to Nvidia GeForce RTX 3080
from 8 vCPUsfrom 8 vCPUsfrom 12 vCPUs
from 16 GB RAMfrom 16 GB RAMfrom 24 GB RAM
from $ 0.65 per hourfrom $ 1.10 per hourfrom $ 1.55 per hour
RTX Tiers

AWS Tiers ( Available around the Globe)

Nvidia Tesla T4AMD Radeon Pro V520Nvidia A10G
similar to Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080similar to AMD Radeon RX 5700 XTsimilar to Nvidia GeForce RTX 3080
from 4 vCPUsfrom 4 vCPUsfrom 8 vCPUs
from 16 GB RAMfrom 16 GB RAMfrom 32 GB RAM
from $ 0.75 per hourfrom $ 0.85 per hourfrom $ 1.15 per hour
AWS Tiers

How to set up an airgpu machine?

You can use video streaming apps like “Parsec and Moonlight” to access your airgpu machine. Follow these handfuls of steps to set up your airgpu machine.

airgpu Parsec

Once you finish creating your machine and buying credits. Follow these steps to access your machine:

Step 1. Download Parsec on your Pc and sign up

Step 2. Search in Windows for “Remote Desktop Connection” and open it.

Step 3. Enter the IP Address in the Connection section

Step 4. Then Enter your account credentials in Windows security and click on a “different account”.

Step 5. Type in virtual Pc credentials and hit ‘Ok’

Step 6. When your virtual Pc is launched, open the Parsec app on the virtual PC and log in to your Parsec account to verify

Step 7. After verifying your account, you’ll have access to your machine.

airgpu Moonlight

If you want to access your virtual machine through Moonlight, follow the steps given below:

Step 1. Download Moonlight On your Pc

Step 2. Then Download GeForce Experience software on your Pc

Step 3. Open GeForce Experience (make sure that your Pc drivers are updated)

Step 4. Go to “Sheild” and turn on “Gamestream”

Step 5. Open the Moonlight app and hit plus icon on the top right corner

Step 6. Enter the IP of your airgpu machine

Step 7. On entering the IP, moonlight will give you a 4-digit code, enter that code into the GeForce Experience shield.

Step 8. Hit “Connect” and you can access your airgpu machine through Moonlight.

Read Moonlight Instructions here, if you have any problem setting up your machine with moonlight.

airgpu Android/ IOS

You can access airgpu on android and ios as long as the device has an internet connection. airgpu doesn’t have any native app for accessing the virtual machine on android and ios devices. So the only way to access your airgpu machine on your android and ios devices is through Parsec and Moonlight as both are available on the play store and app store.

The procedure is the same to access your airgpu machine on android and ios through Parsec and moonlight.  


Cloud gaming and pc rental service- airgpu has 18 data centers across 4 countries. Here is a list of all the regions:

North America: New York, Chicago, Las Vegas, N. Virginia, Ohio, N. California, Oregon, Central Canada

Europe: Dublin, Frankfurt, London, Paris, Stockholm

Asia Pacific: Mumbai, Seoul, Singapore, Sydney, Tokyo

Middle East: Bahrain (coming soon)

Keep in mind, not every tier is available in every region but you can see which tiers are available in your regions to choose from. Also choosing your location or the location nearest to you will get you the lowest possible latency.

What internet connection is required for airgpu?

As we know the only requirement for cloud gaming is a “high-speed internet connection”

So the recommended internet speed for cloud gaming on airgpu is 10Mbits/s download and 2Mbits/s upload with any internet connection including DSL, Fiber, WiFi, Broadband, or 4G LTE.

airgpu automatically adapts to the available bandwidth and optimizes steam quality accordingly for the best performance.


airgpu doesn’t have any limited list of supported games, which means your airgpu is just like any gaming PC. Install any game you own from Steam, Epic Games, and other game stores.  airgpu provide very high download speed ranging from 250mbs to 300mbps. So you do not need to wait for a long time while downloading games.

While downloading games, your internet is not involved. The game is directly downloaded on airgpu servers on their internet connection.

Not only games but you can use this machine for other purposes like editing or other things. 

Except for Minning.  

Problem While Playing Games

If you face any problems launching the game or see any error (especially on RTX tiers), simply update the machine drivers. The machine drivers can be easily updated as the machine is windows 10 compatible and you can update the drivers using “Geforce experience software”.

is airgpu worth it?

Looking at the pricing and the machine tiers that airgpu offers definitely makes it worth buying especially the NVidia RTX A4000 tier and NVidia Tesla T4 tiers, which are the best tiers for cloud gaming as they allow you to play games like battlefield 2042 and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II on maximum settings at 60fps

Do make sure that the server location shouldn’t too far away from your current location that way you’ll have a terrible experience while playing games on airgpu, even if you’ve purchased the top tier.

Another thing that makes it worth buying is that the machine that you rent on airgpu is not only accessible on your Pc or mac you can access airgpu on android as well, with the help of parsec.

These machines can also be used for other purposes like video editing, development, coding and design etcetera except mining, which also is a great point that makes it worth buying.


is airgpu safe?

Yes, airgpu is 100% safe to use, as your personal data, information, and payment details are end-to-end encrypted.

Can I have more storage on the airgpu machine?

Yes, you can have more space on your airgpu machine by paying  $ 3.50 / mo per 50 GB SSD Storage.

Does airgpu handle 4K?

Yes, the NVidia A10G tier which is equivalent to the RTX 3080 is capable to run any game on 4k 60fps.

Are download speeds faster on airgpu?

Yes, on airgpu you’ll get a consistent download speed of 250mbps to 300mbps or more.

Which is the best alternative to airgpu?

There are some other pc rental services that could prove better airgpu alternatives. These include Shadow and Paperspace.

is airgpu good

Yes, airgpu is very good as it offers virtual machines that are equivalent to high-end gaming pc at very cheap prices that are capable of running every game on maximum settings.

Can we play warzone on airgpu?

airgpu doesn’t have a limited list of games which means you can play any game including warzone from steam epic games or any other game store.

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